Personalized Catholic Bible with Our Lady of Guadalupe Cover - Black Genuine Leather NABRE

Our Lady of Guadalupe
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SKU CB8-306
Height 9.60 (in)
Width 6.50 (in)
Depth 1.75 (in)
Source Blank bibles are shipped into Steubenville from a variety of sources and then graphically printed and/or customized at our studio.
Personalization Required

This 12pt font personalized Catholic Bible features a graphic Our Lady of Guadalupe design printed into the leather cover. These new bibles showcase the latest technological innovation to come out of our Steubenville creative studio: direct-to-leather printing.

About Personalization:
Choose your favorite devotional image from over 40 designs and pair it with up to three lines of text. You can also save $10 by selecting "not personalized" and let the image itself stand alone and be beautiful. Either way, these Catholic Bibles make excellent gifts for sacramental occasions like First Communion, Confirmation, and the RCIA.

About the Printing:
Our machine uses computer-controlled printheads that slowly move back and forth across each Bible, coating the surface with specially-formulated inks designed to bond with the leather and immediately begin the curing process. The result is a beautiful graphic devotional image that is bonded into the leather rather than adhered to the top of it. Your Bible graphic will not crack, peel, or separate from the cover, and the only way to damage the image is to damage the leather itself. Please note that every personalized bible order will be emailed a digital proof that must be confirmed and approved by the customer before the bible can be printed. Make sure that the email provided with your order is valid and regularly checked. IMPORTANT: once the proof email is sent, you will have three business days to confirm or change the text, layout, spelling, etc. on your bible(s). On the 4th business day after the bible proof is sent, if we do not hear back from you, the bible will be shipped as-is and will not be eligible for a refund due to incorrect text.

About the Bible Itself:
"The Bible" is a shorthand term that comes from a Greek phrase meaning "the books." For Catholics, these are the 73 books inspired by God and written by human hands that make up the canon of Sacred Scripture. Together with Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture functions as the direct word of God in our world, informing, teaching, and governing the actions of the Catholic Church and its members for the past 2,000 years.

For most of Christian history, the Bible was not available for private study due to widespread illiteracy and the excessive cost of reproducing copies of the Scriptures by hand. Today, thanks to increased literacy as well as modern printing technologies, the Bible is widely available and distributed around the world.

In contemporary Catholic culture, individual copies of the Bible, often with personalized inscriptions or printing, are commonly given as gifts on occasions of sacramental initiations.

This large print copy of the Bible, with genuine leather covering, tabbed books of the Bible with names, and gilded gold pages, measures 6.5" wide by 9.6" tall and 1.75" deep.


( CB8-306 )

Blank bibles are shipped into Steubenville from a variety of sources and then graphically printed and/or customized at our studio.