St. John Paul II

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Quick View "Be Not Afraid" Bracelet

"Be Not Afraid" Bracelet

Our bracelets are made out of 1/16" thick aluminum, which is flexible and very strong. The flexibility of the material allows the bracelets to wrap around each individual's wrist, and at 7" in...
Quick View "Totus Tuus" Round Glass Cutting Board

"Totus Tuus" Round Glass Cutting Board

This "Totus Tuus" Round Glass Cutting Board features the motto of Pope St. John Paul II, "Totus Tuus". Our cutting boards are made from tempered glass: durable, easy to clean, and more sanitary than...
Quick View "Totus Tuus" Rustic Box Art

"Totus Tuus" Rustic Box Art

This rustic box features the quote from Pope Saint John Paul II, "Totus Tuus".  All boxes are printed on sturdy pieces of pine plywood, and assembled with stainless steel fasteners...
Quick View "Totus Tuus" Rustic Framed Quote

"Totus Tuus" Rustic Framed Quote

This "Totus Tuus" Rustic Framed Quote is a great way to share the faith, and an excellent reminder to go to Our Lady in every need. It reads, "Totus Tuus - Pope Saint John Paul II", surrounded by...
Quick View "Totus Tuus" Warm Tumbled Stone Coaster

"Totus Tuus" Warm Tumbled Stone Coaster

This tumbled stone coaster features a quote from St. Pope John Paul II, "Totus Tuus". Save your counter from spills and stains with these religious coasters, or buy some as a gift for a...