Sacred Heart House Blessing Outdoor Garden Shrine

Sacred Heart
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SKU SH3-846B
Height 16.50 (in)
Width 12.63 (in)
Depth 3.13 (in)
Availability Please allow for 1-2 weeks in processing time before the item ships. If you need it sooner, please note this in the comment section at checkout and we will do everything we can to meet your deadline
Source Our all-weather Catholic garden shrines are 100% made in the USA in Steubenville, Ohio.

This all-weather Catholic garden shrine featuring the Sacred Heart House Blessing image is 100% made in the USA in Steubenville, Ohio. Ideal for prayer walks, outdoor devotional spaces, and small gardens, these shrines preach a silent gospel of beauty wherever they are planted.

Lightweight and made from a weather-resistant composite of aluminum, plastic, and foam, each garden shrine comes with a small stake that allows it to be firmly secured into the ground, but can also be hung on a nail or screw.

Each image is comprised of a semi-gloss vinyl print mounted on ACM, a material commonly used in the small business world for outdoor signage because of its durability and low cost. By using ACM in devotional shrines and prayer walks, we consider this common form of outdoor signage to be baptized with a renewed purpose and character.

ACM plates are UV-resistant, guaranteed for 3-5 years of perfect image fidelity with minimal fading. For devotees who live above the 40th parallel, or who are able to face their stations to the North or South, many more years of perfect image fidelity are possible! Nonetheless, all things in this world will fade with time, and even the ideal conditions of minimal sunlight will eventually result in fading, even if this is decades down the road.

Including the frame they are 15" tall, 11" wide, and about 1" deep.

"Each vineyard has its crucifix, each path its wayside shrine,
Where flowers adorn the Virgin’s brow, and crown the Child divine;
And few will pass those sacred spots without a lifted eye,
A crossing of the weary breast, a prayer, — at least a sigh."

-John L. Stoddard


( SH3-846B )

Our all-weather Catholic garden shrines are 100% made in the USA in Steubenville, Ohio.